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September 3rd, 2009

Membership with Hockey God



As stated on the Home Page Membership with Hockey God includes many extra features including many weekly and monthly specials for coaches and players.

Hockey Poolies need look anywhere else with our expert player predictions and we will show you in detail how to win your office or online pools.


For coaches, we will be adding our drills of the week including an email portion where you can write into Hockey God with a problem or situation with your hockey team and we will give you support with drills to work on with your team with explanation to fix the problem.

We will also give our philosophy on picking your team and the best way to build your team from the goaltender on out. This unique feature and aid is totally private and confidential to you and you only and will not be shared on this site.


We will help/aid players of any caliber with their on ice issues or off ice training through Hockey God membership.

This is a totally private feature between the player and Hockey God which will include video analysis of your games with a full written private and confidential report emailed directly to you.

Whether it’s your game or your training in season or out of season Hockey God guarantees to help your game in every way.

Hockey God will include many extras with this Membership for your review monthly or you can zero in on only what it is you are trying to accomplish in your game.

To Sign Up With Hockey God :

If you want to take full advantage of this very unique Membership please email us today and we will customize and set you up with a Membership that includes private and confidential resource for all your Hockey needs.

Simply email Hockey God with what it is you are looking for and we will start customizing your Membership right away.

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March 12th, 2009


In Toronto every game, every practice gets magnified to the point of exhaustion. It’s so much that the games or practices are being watched so closely for the players or the management of the team that it becomes a pain in the ass. It’s the moron media that go to these events and then ask the stupid ass questions that annoy the crap out of the players and coaches-GMs alike.

In Toronto we have a lot of them that think they know the game & think they understand what’s going on out on the ice. That’s where the main problem starts and ends with the media. They REALLY think because they go to so many of these games that it all of a sudden gives them the knowledge and the right to then ask these ridiculous questions.

Howard Berger the Leafs radio guy for 590 the Fan reports on the hockey club daily. He has done this for I believe he said 20 odd years which obviously HE feels gives him the right to know all the goings on with the hockey club . . .just ask him! This is laughable for players and coaches, believe me they laugh at these reporters who are like this. He has been a reporter for so long he actually believes he knows the game now and listening to him try to explain this on radio yesterday was equally laughable.

Guess what Howard . .  Ron Wilson gets paid over $2 million a year to know the game and make decisions for the Toronto Maple Leafs every night. I know it’s tough to go to that rink every day on your salary and watch him run the team when you know damn well you could do it yourself. That’s the funny thing Howard Berger among many reporters that cover hockey actually believe that they know the game as well or probably better than the management or coaches of the teams. Just read the things they write about, they are telling GMs who they should be trading for or signing or coaches who to play more or less, who to put in the net.

It’s all a joke! . .  the media are a joke they always have been. If they only knew how badly they get ripped in the dressing rooms by the players, it would be very upsetting to know that they are laughed at I’m sure. Media has a place in the game and that should be . .  to report on the game not tell us your opinion because your opinion doesn’t matter . Why would the opinion of a reporter who knows nothing more about the game than any fan matter? Just because a reporter goes to  games doesn’t give them the knowledge to understand what’s going around the team or the game for that matter.

I love this part about hockey reporting, they go to school I assume to take journalism and after a few years they all of a sudden become hockey experts. You see their years of knowledge of going to school to become a reporter transforms them into hockey minds once they work in the game for a while.

My grandfather use to say to me you don’t hire a plumber to fix your car… you hire a mechanic, if your toilet is broken hire the plumber. In other words if you work in a certain field and that is your expertise then stick to what you know and have learned.

Coaches that are in the game and have either played or coached there way up to the big leagues just like a student in school would through years of hard work. Students generally take courses for four years plus go into whatever field they have chosen. Well just like those students hockey people apprentice their time in hockey as players, coaches, managers and even agents as we have seen with Leafs GM Brian Burke or Canucks GM Mike Gillis to name a few.

It’s not a one time thing it’s not an easy thing . . . hockey is like any other job in life you must put in the time to understand the game inside and out. That’s what frustrates the hockey people believe me . .  it’s some reporter asking questions or writing article’s about the game when in reality they know shit about what they are speaking or writing.

I use to have a saying for the parents of the players I coached at the higher levels. It was simply I do not come into your work during the day and tell you how to do your jobs. . . So don’t come to the rink and tell me how to do mine !. Imagine if someone was an electrician or working in shipping and I the coach walked into work and said okay put that wire here and connect it there or told the shipping guy send this here and that there? Well I can tell you the place would be without power and every shipment would be on the other side of the country by the end of the day.

Point being if you are not in the chosen field you should not be making decisions that are out of your realm of knowledge.

Problem being in Canada there are a ton of people that think they know the game and they get this vast knowledge not from working in the game for years and years schooling themselves. No, they get this because they watch Hockey night in Canada on Saturday nights since they were young.

They played some hockey when they were young or maybe not just because they are smart at one thing makes them smart at the game. It’s only a game after all it’s easy to understand isn’t it? It’s hockey, it’s only hockey how hard can it be? The best advice to the fans of the game is watch the game, hoot and holler at the players on TV have fun watching.


It’s fun to be the Monday morning quarterback and talk the game with friends saying they should have done this or done that. That’s one of the things that makes the game enjoyable for people.

But when you go looking for your information about the game or what’s happening on the game- listen or read people that actually were in the game before. Not some guy who unlike you , they decided to go to school for journalism instead of whatever it is you are doing in life. The only difference with them is they may have the power of the pen (newspaper) or the TV or radio to voice their opinions. But it certainly doesn’t make them smarter that’s for sure!

Remember opinions are like butts everyone has one  . . . . Let the hockey people tell you about hockey!



Watching Ranger games at home at Madison Square Garden is totally worth the trip. It’s one building you have to go watch a game  before you die if you can. I, over the years as an agent was able to go to games in New York and there is nothing like the Rangers building.

The fans are as passionate as any in hockey. I still remember vividly being at the game immediately after 9/11 in New York. It was an exhibition game with the Devils where I represented Mike Danton playing for the Devils who were in New York that night. It was even for a Canadian surreal for me after that tragedy that affected so many that day in New York and around the world.

I was sitting in the corner and had basically a section to myself as it was only exhibition hockey that was far from sold out. The pre-game was something that I haven’t ever seen before where the teams intermixed on the blue line, Ranger-Devil side by side in a show of support.

I had tears in my eyes as they had a moment of silence thinking of the people that were killed that day so senselessly, but most of all because my wife and I had a child of our own I couldn’t even fathom those people that had lost their own children in this disgusting case of terrorism.

What made me think of this was at the end of the Rangers game the other day all the Ranger players came to center ice and got together and raised their sticks in the air to the New York crowd.

It was so cool and I had forgotten that they did this. I’m still not sure if this is Ranger tradition or something they started after the incident ? If anyone knows this answer please e-mail @ Hockey God.


Sean Avery is back in New York as all hockey fans know. Avery is working his ass off every shift out there and it’s obvious to anyone that he is trying to show his worth.

But Avery is out of game shape and is falling down after hits and battles in corners, but no doubt he is giving everything he’s got every shift. Avery is always full of piss & vinegar on the ice anyways but it seems that he has a little extra something to prove this time.

My advice to Avery is: less is more this time. Especially with the Tortorella factor behind the bench if he takes some bad penalties like he has just from being over anxious he will quickly get into Tort’s dog house. But Avery’s play is contagious for the other Ranger players and it shows again why it’s so damn important to have those players in your line-up in the NHL.


Mike Milbury wasn’t much of a General Manager with the Islanders that is true. I think Mad Mike as he was called when he ran the Islanders should have stuck with coaching in the NHL as he is an intimidating guy who was a fearless player for the Boston Bruins.

Milbury drafted current Boston Bruin captain which is fitting now that Zdeno Chara is playing for the big bad Bruins of 2008/09. Milbury, who now works on Boston TV games along with HNIC & NBC weekend NHL games is showing that he actually is not just Mad Mike and that he has some good things to say on the game.

Chara is hoping to win a Stanley Cup with the Bruins . . something that hasn’t been done in Boston since 1972.

Milbury once jumped into the Ranger crowd and beat a guy up with a shoe of all things. Could you imagine that happening today in hockey ? There would have to be a summit on hockey violence . .


Every Saturday morning the calls would start up when I was kid. The calls being all of our buddies from the area getting together for a time to meet at the school where we all spent the week in classes. But now it was  fun to make that walk to the school with sticks and hockey nets over your head.

Those were the best times as a kid I remember fondly and the games were high intensity as well. There were no refs, no crowds, no parents or coaches around just us playing hockey in a school yard for hours and hours.

But the one thing that was there was the competitiveness between all of us. I laugh when the tree huggers say there should be no fighting in hockey. What would be better having the players when frustrated with each other swing a stick ? Obviously not and even though we were all buddies there would be the odd scrap to settle a dispute. It never lasted long enough for anyone to get hurt, but they helped keep things sane-settled.

During the owners lock-out in 2004/05 season Tie Domi and Eric Lindros got into a scrap on the ice in a pick-up game where players were just trying to keep in shape.

Point being ? It’s virtually impossible to play this game with intensity and not have the odd scrap to simmer things down a little bit. There was no worry of concussions when we were kids in that school yard and certainly no hesitation between Domi and Lindros that day during the lock-out.

It’s just a part of the game that is normal as every day life. But when you allow the tree huggers to get involved they make everything over the top in life and in hockey. Let the kids play my Dad use to say to my Mom when we were younger and roughhousing around. I say let the men play the game they are paid to play and the rest of us just sit back and enjoy it !

For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost