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Frosty’s Best of Hockey Media . . .

December 31st, 2008

Yes, believe it or not this picture is of Sportsnets personality  former NHLer Nick Kypreos. This was way back in his years in Hartford playing for the Whalers. Kypreos known as “Kipper” in hockey was once a big time scorer in the OHL. Then was drafted and at some point turned into a meat and potatoes type of player. Kipper ended up retiring from hockey as a Toronto Maple Leaf tough guy which helped propel him into the job at Sportsnet. He was very unpolished when he first started out but there is no question the reason we are starting with Kipper is he has developed into the players “Go to Guy” and the fans/viewers best choice to get the goods on hockey.

Players trust Kipper an ex player and straight up guy that still backs the NHLPA Union there is no question about that. I for one like to watch and listen to Kipper straighten out mouth pieces like Bill Watters on hockey related business to do with the players and the Union.

Kipper is not afraid in the studios of  Sportsnet or  590 The Fan Radio to get his nose dirty sticking up for players on issues to do with contracts and management issues. But Kipper tells it like he Sees it which you cannot deny is a quality in the media that is lacking.

So the best in studio personality simple there is no question is Kypreos. Kipper works Hockey Central and also works on radio on the best radio noon hour show on hockey in Toronto. You can catch this either on TV Sportsnet or radio on the The Fan 590. This is a must listen to show that has excellent interviews with hockey people every weekday. The Host on both Hockey Central on Sportsnet and The Fan is Daren Millard. Millard who seems to be some sort of recreation goalie who Kipper loves to make fun of mixes well with Kipper and the two have good chemistry . So the best radio/TV weekday hockey show to tune into is Hockey Central.

Sportsnets other personality that deserves mention for writing or blogging online is Mike Brophy. Brophy is tight with Chris Pronger so basically anything he says about him is tainted but he does offer solid opinions on the game. Brophy worked for the Hockey News for years as a columnist before joining Sportsnet full time. I  dealt with Brophy over the years and he doesn’t bullshit like the majority of other print media in the game.

TSN’s Bob Mckenzie who worked as editor-in-chief for The Hockey News for 9 yrs before jumping to television as a studio Analyst. Mckenzie has always had inside scoops and on his speed dial are agents , managers, he can find out trades and contract numbers before they are public. They say years ago he worked very hard at this and now has settled into his regular gig on TSN. Mckenzie teamed with former Sportsnet host and employee Darren Dreger are pretty knowledgeable hockey media people. They certainly stick their nose in and push for the answers to questions on fans mind in the game. They are worth the watch there is no question about that.

TSN also has Gino Reda, a long time employee who has ran the gantlet at TSN, from Sports Desk to  Hosting and now  his own show ” That’s Hockey”. Reda’s show is on usually before NHL games weekdays after TSN’s Sports desk. That’s Hockey is a must watch to get caught up on the every day movers and shakers in the NHL.

Saturday’s Hockey Night in Canada comes on at 6:30pm, Sportsnets show Hockey Central is a must watch at 6:00pm. Again as mentioned previous with Kypreos and Millard as Host they bring you some great direct hockey knowledge with a good spin from Kipper. Neil Smith appeared on the show last week and the instant chemistry between the former GM of the NY Rangers and his former player Kipper was great. This should be a regular event if they can get Smith to do it, he was an added plus and as a former GM, he has great insight to the every day happenings in the league today. Smith a Stanley Cup winner with the Ranger is a thoughtful intelligent hockey guy.

Obviously it’s a Canadian institution to watch Saturday night Leafs games and for the real hockey fan the 2nd Western game too. I for one was hoping that TSN was able to steal away the rights to HNIC Saturday games because of the way they broadcast their own games.

So I have given you the Best of some of TVs  personalities but let’s go over some of the others worth mentioning on different networks across the board.

First off on Sportsnet, Gord Stellick is a witty guy that has good one liners at times that offers any panel he sits on something worth hearing. The former Leafs GM and now The Fan radio personality has always been a fair guy. Doug Maclean is a good listen because he’s funny and lets face it he has coached and managed in the NHL  so has experience. He is from Newfoundland,  I still hear his accent which makes me laugh, he interviewed fellow Islander Dave Cameron who coaches in the OHL the other day at the World Jr’s and it was priceless. Maclean can be heard weekdays at 2pm on sports radio The Fan590. I pay zero attention or don’t care who is leading these type of ratings wars. If I like a guy and think he is knowledgeable I will listen, but its not hard to see why The Fan590 ratings are better than the rest every year.

The Score has Steve Kouleas who Hosts Hardcore Hockey at 6pm on radio/TV and then again at 11pm weekdays. Kouleas is hyper for the fans and is seriously a knowledgeable cat with some strong  opinions on the game. This guy knows his stats on the game no doubt.

Also on The Score must watch TV is “Cabby on the Street” His real name and I only know this cause I researched it is Cabol Richards. Go figure I’ve known this guy as Cabby for so long  I started to think that’s what his mother must have named him. This guy is great, he has travelled to Stanley Cup victories, gotten interviews with all the best players, and has even then gone with guys to bring the Cup back home to their hometown parades. I know most of the personalities I’m talking about one way or another from my time in hockey. But this is one guy that I would do an interview with but I have never got to know him.

Also at the Score is Gerry Dee, who does interviews with players, on the street questions and give aways on camera that are good TV. Not sure what this guys background is either comedian or whatever but he is good television. He and Cabby have some sort of challenge between them right now going on that I wish I wasn’t so busy to watch, but my wife will PVR it for me. These guys earn their paycheques from the network on the lighter side of sports.


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Top 10 Best List!

November 26th, 2008

Top 10 Best of :


Coming soon in Frosty’s Favorites will be the top HOCKEY MEDIA people in the game today ! Who do the players and management and others watch or read when it comes to the game. We will bring you the best of !

Decembers Top 10 Lists are:

Players in the NHL if you were starting a franchise today:

1. Iginla , Calg : His mix of skill and grit is not found any where else in the NHL.
2. Crosby , Pitt : Can flat out play the game at a high level. Wants to be the best motivated.
3. Vinny L , Tampa : Unmatched stick and skill level. Proven winner will fight if provoked.
4. Roberto L , Vanc : Best tender in the league with out question. Newly named captain says it all.
5. Lidstrom , Det : Consistently the best defenceman in the league for years now. Capt Stanley Cup Champs.
6. Malkin , Pitt : Just a huge talent that gets better and better every game. When teamed with Crosby scary scary line to have to defend against.
7. Ovechkin, Wash: Clearly lovs the game and gets involved in the physical side of the game very impressive for a European player. Excellent skater and even better release in motion.
8. Datsyuk, Det : Another massive talent was a excellent find and showing that he is elite all star nightly. Datsyuk has the ability to make others around him better. Great in both ends of the rink.
9. Kane, Chic : This kid can play the game and seems to want the puck which is critical for any super star. Skates around with his mouth guard hanging out looking like he is enjoying life as a NHLer.
10. M. Richards, Phil: Will be one of the best leaders in the sport over the next few yrs. Will play for Canada. Richie has all the tools and will fight for his teammates. Have watched this kid since Junior and is a prime time player with a will to win and play big when the games are on the line.

Top 10 Fighters in the NHL :

1. George Laraque
2. Derek Boogaard
3. Colton Orr
4. Erik Goodard
5. Donald Brashear
6. George Parros
7. Raitis Ivanis
8. Jody Shelley
9. Andrew Peters
10. Riley Cote

Honourable mention if he had more games played : Mitch Fritz


1. Ken Holland : Is smart enough to surround himself in Detroit with very smart scouts and Steve Y. Has won Cups and made some changes that worked out well in both coaching and player area’s.
2. Doug Wilson : Former NHL-er with experience with the NHLPA is quickly becoming one of hockey’s best. Wilson has excellent insight into the game and listens to the people around him.
3. Brian Burke : Made changes after salary cap and won cup in Anaheim. Very tough shrewd manager.
4. Jim Rutherford : Older GM with plenty of hockey smarts. Very loyal guy with more patience then a Doctor.
5. Lou Lamoriello : Controls every aspect of the club but makes very good decision’s to do with personal. Lou always keeps all his cards close to his vest.
6. Paul Holmgren : Has quickly shown that he has what it takes to make changes to get better quick.
7. Ray Shero : Great family blood lines and has made solid moves to get his team rather quickly to finals.
8. Bob Gainey : Understands the game and Montreal’s demands in hockey crazed market. This is big yr !
9. Darcy Regier : Mainstay in Buffalo and has the smarts to surround himself with good coaching for yrs.
10. Bryan Murray : What he left behind in Anaheim was key to their cup and is work in progress in Ottawa.

Thanks to the readers that help out this dumb old ex-hockey coach with his spelling !!

Top 10 Coach’s in the NHL :

1. Mike Babcock : Team is stacked but lives and breaths the game and keeps teams focused.
2. Todd McLellan : Former Detroit asst is quickly becoming a very smart astute coach in the NHL
3. Randy Carlyle : Burke gave this guy a chance and is very demanding and former NHL-er.
4. Lindsay Ruff : Been with Sabres for ever , knows the game and is smart hockey mind.
5. Ken Hitchcock : Players don’t lov him but they certainly play hard for him and his system.
6. Ron Wilson : Great coach has lots of ideas and uses video probably more than most. Hold players accountable which is all you can ask if your a fan of the team hes coaching.
7. Joel Quenville : Mike Danton still raves about this guy today. Players like him cause he is fair.
8. Jacques Lemaire : Way to defensive but is a very knowledgeable hockey man/coach.

9. Peter DeBoer : Soon hockey people will find out what I did years ago that this guy can flat out Coach. If given the proper opportunity with Florida he will quickly become one of the league’s best.

10. Tom Renney : Since hired has done a excellent job with the Rangers and this year and last had them at the top of league. He is great tactics coach who has the players ears there in New York.