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Overwhelming Response to Hockey God Web Site! 66 Countries/Territories Visited

December 1st, 2008

Here at, we never imagined the interest we would attract this quickly and frankly have been overwhelmed with the response to the website.

As of 8:00 am this Monday morning, we have had 66 Countries/Territories visit our site with Canada and the United States predictiably leading the way. But the top five Countries after that,  all coming in very close together may be a surprise with United Kingdom , Finland , Australia , Germany , Sweden.  As far away as Japan as well as  Countries that may expose my Sarah Palin-  geographical like knowledge such as Laos and United Arab Emirates, that also visited the site.

In Canada where hockey rules , the city of Ottawa where an article in the Ottawa newspaper on the hockeygodonline,  would have lead to this city taking number one as of today. Coming in after Ottawa is Toronto , Vancouver , Victoria , Calgary , Edmonton, great hockey cities, that all have had an overwhelming response.

In the United States, the top 5 States have been so far New York , California , Pennsylvania , New Jersey ,( Lou,  I always  told you that you and I shared a bond ) and Michigan, all again very close in number of visits to the website.

So for the many that visited the site we thank you ! Whether you came to check it out or you are a big hockey fan, or just to peek your interest, we hope that you continue to come back and see our exciting cutting edge take on hockey.

We also were flooded with emails , unfortunately there was no way to get back and answer all of your questions so quickly , so bare with us while we get through them all . I will however tell all the interested hockey parents that emailed the site for our opinion on what is the best hockey school to send your players to ?   Most of you commenting that you wanted an intense camp that wasn’t just a day care . We will research this for you all and be responding shorty , I do have a few in mind both in Canada and the United States but since I’m no longer in that business I want to ask some questions to people that I trust in hockey that know of these hockey schools.

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