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Dissecting The Sens Disappointments on Wednesday’s Hockey God …..

December 2nd, 2008

Hockey Pools: Tonights Games & Hollywood Hockey Notes:

December 2nd, 2008

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Tuesdays Games :

TBL @ PHI : take Philly , Flyers are heating up and will take advantage of the Lowly Tampa club at home. Fylers WIN

FLA @ WSH : take Washington , Florida has upset some teams including the Rangers at home but not tonight . Flr WIN

ATL @ MTL : take Habs , This is a total mismatch between a weak team and a team that normally plays very well at home. Mont WIN

DAL @ CGY : take Calg, this game will be great to watch because of the Avery , Phaneuf war please see below , but in the end the Stars are struggling and the Flames are at home.

LAK @ PHX : take kings , this will be a close game , look for the Kings to bounce back after loss to Leafs at home last night.

TOR @ SJS : take Sharks, although this is coach Wilson’s return it won’t be enough to take down the dominant Sharks.

NHL Notes :

The best game by far to watch tonight will be Flames and the Stars in Calgary. This will be so hilarious to watch how Sean Avery reacts to Phaneuf for the fact that Dion is now dating Avery’s ex Hollywood actress  girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert. I know Avery very well from his days playing against players I represented in the OHL and then again when he ran away from Mike Danton on a regular basis when they played against each other in the NHL. But if nothing else Avery will be worth the price of the ticket tonight with his mouth certainly not his fists against a much tougher kid in Phaneuf. Avery will have the upper hand because you know he’s going to drop the bomb on Phaneuf ” How are my sloppy seconds Dion” of course referring to the fact he was with the actress first.  This should be a fun night all around in Calgary and wouldn’t it be great  if  Avery was miked for the night.

UPDATE : Avery Suspended by the NHL for making the comments to TV camera’s before the game . This was a huge mistake for this kid,  you should leave it all on the Ice! Here is what Avery said to get suspended :

I’m really happy to be back in Calgary. I love Canada,” the Stars forward said. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds.

“I don’t know what that’s about, but enjoy the game tonight.”

Phaneuf is dating Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert, who once went out with Avery.

Sticking with the Hollywood theme in the NHL here is one for you. Mike Comrie who is with the NY Islanders and dating actress, singer Hillary Duff who lives in Los Angeles. Comrie has fallen out of favour with the Islanders and has been a healthy scratch at times in NY. Comrie it has been  said wants to be with Duff all the time and is possibly the distraction to his career.

Comrie’s father is the original owner of the  The Brick furniture stores in Canada. It’s pretty easy to assume that his family has enough money for Comrie to never have to work again, or worry about hockey and go spend his time with the Hollywood Hottie. Based on his game and the Islanders treatment of Comrie they feel his head is somewhere else.  Can you blame him ?

Some great NHL Fights to watch below:

Mats Sundin Will Land Where ?

December 2nd, 2008

Former Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin , did you hear that Leaf fans ?  I said former because Sundin is done, he is not coming back period. Brian Burke has the balls to finally say what Cliff Fletcher wouldn’t say politically all summer long. There was never a chance that Sundin was going to return to Toronto, why would he?  It’s a rebuilding team and as good as he played last season he couldn’t get them over the top. I like Sundin he has been a great Maple Leaf Captain and he consistently over the years led the team in points. His sweater should hang in the rafters one day with the Leafs, just based on his pure skill and how he carried himself with class. But here is where I turn the page on Sundin and tell Leaf fans what they may not want  to hear or agree with.

Canadian Born Captain

The truth is whether you want to here it or not the Leafs were never going to win with Sundin as Captain, as good as he was . This is not the popular thing to say but it’s the truth.  Sundin the Swedish born  Captain of  the hockey club equals no Stanley Cup in Toronto. Toronto to win needs a born and bred good old Canadian kid as Captain for several reasons.  Look, I realize that Sundin could if surrounded with the right amount of support may have been able to get it done in Toronto especially in those years with Doug Gilmour and then Gary Roberts, they had teams that were close. I’m not saying a team can’t win with a European Captain obviously look at Lidstrom in Detroit. However what I am saying is, this is Canada,  this is Toronto and they need a player like Jerome Iginla as their next Captain. Gritty Canadian kid who will wear the sweater with pride, compete and help boost the image of the Maple Leafs. Burke I will guarantee you, is thinking that exact same thing for this summer when he retools the roster and builds the team to his liking.

Sundin’s Choices

What should Sundin do besides hurry up and make his move, sign and start playing ?

Sundin’s options appear to be , the Rangers , the Canadians , the Canucks , the Hawks. Let’s examine where Sundin will end up. The Rangers have his buddy Marcus Naslund in the Big Apple and its the city where for  whatever reason Sundin is telling people he has always wanted to play in. The Canucks made the biggest offer with the new GM Mike Gillis trying to make a splash on the open market. This past summer making Sundin a two year twenty million dollar offer. Guess what Canucks fans, he would have been your Captain. If you are a Nucks fan you should be happy that Sundin is not coming there , use that  money  to add a player or two at the deadline and you will still have cap room next summer to add another top end player. The Canucks under Gillis are proving that if your team works hard and plays a gritty style with great goaltending you can surprise people,  which the Canucks have done so far this season. In the end Gillis will be happy by default that Sundin never took him up on the offer which was far to much money to tie up for Sundin anyways. Do you really want your top 3 players in playoffs to be Swedes ? I know that sounds a little bit like Don Cherry but guess what,  you don’t want that if you want a chance at the cup. Picking up at the trade deadline a top 6 player with grit to balance out the two Sedins would be the better move for playoffs.

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