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Saturday’s NHL Games/Picks & Hockey Video

December 5th, 2008

Today’s Games:

Ottawa beats Pens 3-2 with a 3 goal effort from Spezza.

ATL at NYI: Take NYI, Isles at home will edge the Thrashers

NJ at MTL: Take Habs, this game will be tight but the Habs will come out on top at home

PHI at CAR: Take CAR, Maurice should get his first win, but this game could go either way, edge to Canes at home

BOS at FLA: Take BOS, all though Florida has been playing well and this will be a huge test , the Bruins are the better team and will come out on top.

CHI at DET: Take Chicago, taking the upset here tonight with Hawks over the Wings. For what ever reason the Wings always seem to have problems with Chic.

WSH at TOR: Take TOR, Leafs will respond to the early morning practice by Wilson and edge the Caps and HNIC.

BUF at TBL: Take TBL, at home with the Sabres look for the Bolts offence to get on track, close game.

MIN at NSH: Take NSH, this will be another closer game but the Preds will beat the Wild in there own barn.

PHX at STL: Take Blues, the Blues lost a close game last night to a strong Flames team in over time and they will bounce back with win against Coyotes.

EDM at SJS: Take Sharks, this team is the real deal home and away, Oilers will be no match for them in the Shark tank.

CLB at LAK: Take Kings, The Kings have your legs and should not be a problem with back to back games against the Blue Jackets.

Some Great Hockey Video:

NHL Notes, Kaberle and Fight Video’s ….Leafs Could Land McGratton

December 5th, 2008

Fridays’ Games :

Vancouver @ Minnesota : Take Minny, this will be a very low scoring tight game but the Canucks with out their number one tender take the Wild in this game.

Calgary @ St.Louis : Take Calgary, the Flames are playing well and the Blues have been very inconsistent to say the least.

Colorado @ Dallas : Take Dallas, they are at home settled in with the Avery suspension out of the way and desperate to get back on track at home.

Edmonton @ Los Angles : Take Kings , although Edm has played better the up and coming Kings have played very well and especially at home. Be a great game to watch lots of speed and young stars in the game.

NHL Notes for Friday ………….

Leafs Ownership Moves :

Construction magnate Larry Tanenbaum has increased his holding in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. to 20.5 per cent, buying an additional 7.7 per cent stake from CTVglobemedia Inc.

Coyotes - Leafs Could be Tied with Latest moves:

Tough guy former Senators goon Bryan McGratton has been places on waivers by the Phoenix Coyotes for the purposes of calling him back up if he clears waivers. This would allow a team to take McGratton off the Coyotes on the re-call waivers for half the salary. The Leafs who are on the look out for a tough guy could possibly wait for McGratton to clear and then pick him off for half price and fill the tough guy role. Brian Burke may or may not think McGratton is the answer because he has not played many games with the Coyotes and there for not had many fights this season. But ever since McGratton beat up former Leaf Tie Domi way back when he has been thought of as  a legit tough guy around the league. Burke will have to decide if his off ice bull shit from last year is worth the risk?

Wilson - Kaberle Drama

Toronto coach Ron Wilson who has done a very good job coaching and keeping the country club Leafs players from last year in check. He has benched the soft Matt Stajan and the over paid Jason Blake along with the accountability of others since arriving in Toronto.

Kaberle was left on the bench for punishment by Wilson for what he says is bad play the last few games and identified the Sharks game especially. But as much as I like Wilson and love that he holds the players accountable night in and night out. With that said, you can ask any 4th liner or tough guy that sits on the bench for long periods of time during any time of the game. It becomes almost impossible to get your legs back when you do get out there. As those before mentioned players would react. Kaberle did react poorly after missing the entire first period and then finished minus-4 on the night in Phoenix which is no surprise.

Look, Wilson should have sat Kaberle either out as a healthy scratch as he has to others or saved the benching for the 3rd period if he must. But you cannot expect a guy to sit there stale for the start of the game and then go out and perform its far to hard on the legs.

When I coached, I would like any other coach have my top players that played more or what have you. But I would as soon as I could get my 4th line out there to get some shifts in to get there legs going. Because I knew they were not going to play as much as the game went on. This is coaching 101 for any coach that has coached at any decent level. I’m surprised Wilson would  do things this this way. I’m not arguing the reaction of the benching at all, I’m saying it should have been done a different way. Look for Burke to see what he can get for Kaberle between now and the trade deadline. Why? Because as good as Kaberle is at moving the puck, he won’t shoot it on the PP and is considered soft which Burke does not like at the end of the day.



Avery Has His Day With the NHL

December 5th, 2008

Sean Avery had his day with NHL Commish Thursday in New York. The turn out was as per the norm with anything hockey, ridiculous with regard to the media flux acting like crazed paparazzi.

Avery walked through the shit storm of media and directly into his waiting car after spending three hours in the NHL hearing.  The NHLPA’S Glen Healey and Averys  agent along with NHL’S Colin Campbell all were in attendance.  Bettman had this to say after the hearing Thursday:

“I haven’t made a decision yet,” Bettman said during his weekly radio show on XM Satellite Radio. “I want to take the opportunity to spend a little time thinking about what transpired at the hearing and everything that I was told and that needs to be considered.

“I want to reflect on it, which means either sometime later this afternoon or tomorrow morning we will render a decision and we will make it public.”

Here I will translate for you what all this double lawyer talk says : “ I want to take time to spin this Avery clown story so that the NHL comes out some how looking good and making Avery accountable for what he said”. “But most important I want to make sure that I cover my ass and the Dallas Stars ass from any potential lawsuit or NHLPA grievance for unfair treatment”. Gary Bettman is a political monster to that there is no doubt.

Avery Not Popular among some mates

Sources were able to confirm for Hockey God today that some Stars players since the first month of the season had a very strong hate on for this kid. Avery who signed a 4-year 15 million dollar contract in the summer, after GM- Brett Hull insisted to Stars ownership that Avery would make a difference in Dallas. You may ask, what exactly were they taking the chance on with Avery? He played so well in New York last year, that not only was he a fan favorite but the Rangers record was night and day to the positive side when he was in their line up.

So with some of the players  saying that they flat out do not like the kid and that intensifies with what hockey shows like TSN and Sportsnet are reporting. That being the Stars were looking into sending this kid down (AHL)  or trading him prior even to this incident. If this is true you have to ask yourself, where does that leave GM Brett Hull in the owners eyes ? Forget the incident that just happened with Avery. If the Stars were really trying to move him, trade him or otherwise then that does not bold well for the former goal scoring star Hull staying on as GM with the Stars.

Immature means Gone from the NHL?

Look as I have repeated on this site a few times what Avery did was stupid, immature and calculated. There was no reason other than his big mouth getting the best of him, he was not trying to promote the game or do anything other than opening his big mouth. But and this is a big but, is he the only guy that opened his mouth in the National Hockey League or do some thing wrong? I don’t care if you like this kid or not, he can play and if he’s controlled like he was last year in NY either by Brendan Shanahan or other vets then he can be a very effective player again. Give me a break saying  he should never play again in the NHL!  It’s over, suspend him and then get him back playing.

The Stars if the players and management feel this strongly about Avery now and before the incident then move him on somewhere else. Is anyone really going to tell me this kid cannot play NHL hockey anymore because he opened his big mouth? If this kid knows what’s good for him this will be a blessing in disguise for whoever takes the chance on him. All Avery has to do is shut up and play and the team gets the best of both worlds, an effective player who with this incident may have learned once and for all to focus your energy on the ice.

For those hockey media people that are suggesting that he should never be allowed back in the league again over this incident! You should be ashamed of yourselves, how would you like it if whenever you say something stupid on the air or in print that you could lose your livelihood?

Yeah, it’s a little different now when you think of it that way isn’t it?  God and hockey god both know that you same media people often say very stupid unintelligent hockey comments, probably without even knowing it. No one fires you !

For Hockey God on line I’m Dave Frost


The NHL has suspended Dallas Stars agitator Sean Avery for six games for making a crude comment deemed detrimental to the game.

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