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Sunday’s Games

December 6th, 2008

Tonight’s Games and Picks :

WSH at CAR: Take CAR, Maurice looking for his first win, this should be against the Caps, they have 10 regulars out of the line up.

PHX at CHI: Take CHI, Hawks had Wings down 4-2 and blew the game look for them to bounce back at home against a weak Coyotes club.

CAL at NYR: Take Rangers, Rangers at home and need a big win, this game be very close and a tough call.

VAN at COL: Take VAN, Canucks are playing excellent defensive hockey with out there number one goalie, so its tough to ever bet against them.

CLB at ANA: Take Ducks, Ducks should be able to handle the hard working Blue Jackets Hitchcock coached team.


Former Canucks GM Nonis Joins Burke and Leafs

December 6th, 2008

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced Saturday that Dave Nonis has been named Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations. Nonis’s appointment comes only a week to the date of Burke’s press conference in Toronto. Basically, Burke wasted no time bringing in his life long buddy right hand man to his side.

“David Nonis brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our hockey staff,” said Leafs President and General Manager Brian Burke in a statement. “We have successfully worked together in the past, and he has a deep understanding of contractual, legal and financial matters as well as scouting and roster management. He’ll be an asset to our organization in several areas.”

Nonis, 42, worked under Burke for six years as the Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations for the Vancouver Canucks before replacing him as GM in 2004. Nonis was fired last summer making room for current Canucks GM ,former agent Mike Gillis.

He was this season with the Anaheim Ducks’ as senior advisor to hockey operations, which basically meant Burke’s buddy gave him a job with him. The moment Burke took the Leafs job the writing was on the wall for Nonis with the Ducks.

In three seasons in the GM job in Vancouver, his best trade was trading former star grit forward Todd Bertuzzi in a package to the Florida Panthers for goaltender Roberto Luongo at the end of his rookie GM season. That obviously doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, this was and has   been a massive blessing for the now much improved Canucks. But the team in Vancouver never really took off until Mike Gillis was named GM this past summer and brought his new outside the box way of thinking on how to manage in the NHL today. We are currently working on a much bigger story on Hockey God to do with our first hand knowledge of Mike Gillis as player agent now GM with the Canucks.

But more on Nonis and Burke today, where does this leave all the current management that the Leafs have assembled between John Ferguson’s time with the Leafs as GM and then Cliff Fletcher’s short time as the senior man in charge? Well, I will tell you Ferguson hired now asst GM Jeff Jackson to help crunch cap numbers and some hockey housekeeping matters for JFJ. Fletcher hired former Leaf, Flame and many other teams Joe Nieuwendyk as asst to the GM. Well as far as Burke is concerned he obviously is going to give as he said last week everyone a chance to see if they all can mesh moving forward. That said with Nonis salary reported to be the same as most Gm’s across the league at $650 thousand a year. It seems obvious that Burke wants and trusts Nonis as his right hand man and with the title he was given today he is now 2nd in command with the hockey department in Burke’s new order in Toronto.

Can you say ” to many chefs in the kitchen ” in Toronto. If it was any one else but Burke I would be concerned that there are to many voices and too many different hockey people around the hockey club making the decision’s. But this is Burke, he gets the last call and he will make the final big decisions with the roster. Hey this is Toronto, where there is huge money in the till and they are now for sure the only team with a front office that looks like a US President’s cabinet. Hockey things better get done , no stone better go unturned when making trades, and free agent signings with the amount of hockey minds Burke now has at his disposal.

Nonis is not a GM in my mind, his personality is one of a great assistant and in the exact same position he is now taken in Toronto. He should settle in and be very happy with the Maple Leafs, he is making General Managers money in a hockey hot bed and 2nd in command doesn’t sound too bad. Here’s hoping that Nonis does not try to get another job and go to every interview that comes up in the NHL. Just like Detroit’s, Jim Nill who is asst to GM Ken Holland, Toronto needs stability with Burke in the front office.  They need to work together to bring rapid solid change to the Leafs after years of misguided management. Detroit’s scouting and player personal has been outstanding and they have been rewarded with many Stanley Cups.

Can you imagine a Cup in Toronto over Burke’s reign here? He will get the keys to the city and never pay for meal or car in the city again. Not to mention have streets named after him and get an open ended contract to remain with the franchise until he wants to retire as a legend. 1967 is a long time ago and as far as current younger Leaf fans, they wouldn’t even know what that looks like. The Toronto Maple Leafs carrying around the Cup in the city. One can only just imagine, but one thing is for sure, the Leafs have assembled a front office that have no excuse but to make that happen now.

For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost

Sundin’s Agent Sets Date:

“We are driving towards making a decision by Dec. 15,” J.P. Barry told the Vancouver Sun. “So right now we are trying to narrow the teams down. I have to ask some questions. There have been so many teams that have contacted us late so I need to go through the process and make sure I give Mats all the information.”

Today’s afternoon game in Ottawa was a surprise 3-2 win over the Pens and Crosby. For the Box Score CLICK below on Scoreboard.

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