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Toronto Dream Team Needs to Act Now!

December 7th, 2008

Brian Burke fresh off the hiring of Dave Nonis, former Canucks General Manager along with Joe Nieuwendyk, who was hired by Cliff Fletcher have to act now!

This dream team management team needs to over haul this Leafs team ASAP.

Last nights, embarrassing loss to the Washington Capitals, who had 10 regulars out of the  line-up. Yes, I said 10, one zero! For any team to have that many players out and to walk into another teams building on  Saturday night no less is not an indication of how good the American Hockey League is or the Hershey Bears, the Caps affiliate in the AHL. NO! It’s an indication that the Leafs players were once again soft in all areas of the ice. They were flat, no energy, terrible on the Power Play, and their D on the PP including the recently benched Kaberle would not shoot from the middle of the ice. Someone needs to grab Kaberle by his head and tell him the point of the PP is to work the puck to the top of the ice and unload with traffic. He is not surprising anyone by faking and passing back down to the seam ( side boards) every time. Yes, that is an option at times, if you don’t have a clear shooting lane but my god it is ridiculous.

Say whatever you want about Sean Avery, if Burke who is known around hockey circles, is as tough as they say and Ron Wilson is as tough as coach as he professes to be. Then bring Avery in and allow him to WAKE this team up on a nightly basis. What better time to get Avery, the Stars don’t want him and Toronto has the cap room and their current roster sleep walks through games. The Leafs have the balls and brass to keep Avery in place, bring him in and control the little mouth piece and it would do wonders for the energy in the line up. Right now its hard to watch this soft, soft lazy team going  through the motions.

Look it’s bad enough that we have to watch pretend, tough rookie Andrea Deveau cower away from Donald Brashear last night. In Los Angeles on the road trip it was Raitis Ivanis the Kings fighter who he wanted nothing to do with. Someone should sit beside this Deveau kid and let him know that he has blown any chance of getting back to the NHL and that his job here is not to score goals or draw penalties, it’s to FIGHT!

It’s very hard for me to watch Antropov, Ponikarovsky, Stajan, and Blake skate out there shift after shift and appear to not be breaking a sweat. Trade Antropov now, get what you can for him. I don’t care that he finally woke up and seems to play through injuries now. He is asleep out there, he plays with no heart, no energy, talented yes but outside of the wrister he took last night that beat Caps tender to the short side he was totally invisible the rest of the night.

The Leafs are a joke right now, forget the start , forget that they seemed to play hard under Wilson for a few games at the start of the season. Make some changes now before the entire league figures out that Antropov is a dud and Kaberle who has great passing, skating skills coming out of his own zone, but after that he is a weak soft D that simply will NOT shoot the puck on the PP.

Dream Team in Toronto the time to act is now! Make some moves and please, please bring in someone that will not cower away from the other leagues tough guys. It’s simply as embarrassing as the flat effort last night at the ACC in Toronto against the Caps/Hershey Bears

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