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Monday’s Games

December 8th, 2008

Tonight’s Games

TBL at BOS: Take Boston, there is just no doubt the Bruins are the real deal and the Bolts are not.

NYI at TOR: Take Tor, Leafs have got to get a win here or there may be sweeping changes.

FLA at OTT: Take Ott, coming off a huge win it would be a massive let down to blow a game against the Panthers.

BUF at PIT: Take Pitt, look for them to bounce back from loss against Sens at home.

NSH at STL: Take NSH, the Preds are a strong team this game will be kept close the  the Blues.

Fighting in Pro Hockey…..Fans Love It !!

December 8th, 2008

The entire rink is on its feet! No matter which team you are there to cheer for or watch you are on your feet watching the action. Is it a goal, is it a nice save, great play? NO, It’s a fight, two guys have dropped their gloves on skates with full hockey equipment on and sometimes still with their helmets on. Gloves all over the ice, sticks thrown and on the slippery ice they trade away Punches to the sounds of cheers that are normally reserved for Stanley Cups, Heavy Weight Title Boxing Fights and now a days the new UFC Fighting. Yes, the fans from Coast to Coast Canada to the USA they LOVE the fights.

It is rare if ever to find a hockey fan out there that does not like to watch a fight on the ice. Most times neither guy gets hurt, its just two guys battling it out for their teammates or their own pride. Maybe the team is losing, needs momentum and a good fight will wake up his teammates. Or maybe it’s a set up and these two guys are just suppose to fight. Either way no one is complaining about this tussle on the ice between two very willing tough guys or maybe skill guys who knows? But wait there is a problem, we have the NHL owners commissioner, he doesn’t like fighting does he? Could he? Does he like when the entire building of fans are on their feet? Does he like the NHL teams buildings to be sold out? If Bettman ever got his way fighting would be eliminated from the NHL. Even though every good highlight TV station shows the fights every night. Wait a minute even the NHL’s own network NHL TV shows the fights. Why? The fans want to see it, they insist on it, Sportsnets “Friday Night Fights” is hugely popular.


Ask any skill guy on any team in the NHL or AHL, the NHL’s feeder affiliate to the NHL Clubs. They will all tell you to a man that they not only respect the teams tough guys, but that without them they wouldn’t be able to play their game. Even the Detroit Red Wings who won last years Cup, granted they are not as tough as the years previous Cup winner the Anaheim Ducks. But its funny when you hear media say that the Wings did not have tough guys. First off, they did, they signed Darrin McCarty and already had Aaron Downey. The Wings also have what they call an Identity Line that starts with Kris Draper who plays the game as hard as they come. Whenever you hear media say ” Oh the Wings don’t have to have a tough guy” You know right off the bat that its wrong. Sure the tough guys don’t always play a huge role if they can’t play at a high level come playoff time, but they are still a very necessary ingredient of the team. Skill guys simply have room created for them by these types of players. Ask #99 the coach of the Phoenix Coyotes Wayne Gretzky if having a few tough guys- goons ever helped his career. Answer : Yes!

Probert-Domi was like World Title Fight continued :

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