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NHL Games and Picks: 3 for 3 Sunday Night. Avery-Clarkson Fight Video !

December 15th, 2008

Monday’s Games:

COL @ DET : Take DET, The Wings are back on track and are at home. They are a good bet to beat the injured Av’s in Hockey Town USA!.

SJS @ LAK : Take SJS , The Sharks are the leagues best team without a doubt at the moment and will feast on the younger although hard working Kings in L.A.


Avery Done in Dallas ! What About the rest of the NHL?

December 15th, 2008

Sean Avery is finished as  a Dallas Star and there can be no shock to this announcement after the players threw him under the bus after Avery speaking out about his ex girlfriends in Calgary. Avery lasted 23 games into a four-year, $15.5 million guaranteed contract.

Avery, who was signed as a free agent this past summer is no longer welcome around the Dallas dressing room.The Stars have decided that they will move Avery to another franchise willing to take him on but will try to help him with his life, co-general manager Brett Hull said Sunday.

There is no way out of the NHL contract for Dallas and the the fact they are willing to risk all that does show how much Avery has pissed off his ex-mates so far this season off the ice at least. Coach Dave Tippett almost immediately after Avery’s comments said he did not feel Avery could return to the team.

“Simply put, I think it was a bad marriage and it was time to separate,”  Tippett said. “You can continue to work at something like this, but we felt we had put a lot of work in and it just wasn’t moving forward. This way, I believe both sides can move forward.”


Avery’s suspension was over as of Sunday and the Stars had said he would not return to the Hockey Club. The Stars players and ownership and co-GM’s Hull and Les Jackson all got together and it was decided that they all had enough of Avery.

“We understand that Sean has problems, and we understand that people are human,” Hull said. “We don’t want to ruin Sean or his career. We want him to get better, but we needed to obviously part ways with Sean. It’s amicable.”

Avery is in a therapy program run by the Dr. Shaw and the NHLPA/NHL and is getting treatment for anger management. One of the stipulations of the program is that the Stars must communicate to Avery through his representatives, Hull said.

Avery’s agent Toronto based Pat Morris is to contact the Stars when Avery is ready and willing through himself and his Doctor’s to play hockey again. You would think that there is going to be some team willing to take the chance on this talented mouth piece, especially if he gets his act together. The Rangers have had him before and know how to handle him and may get him for half the salary if they get him on re-call waivers.

The Stars still have to pay Avery his full salary until such time the Rangers or whoever else take a chance on him. Waivers probably won’t work until he has cleared the first time going down and then when they re-call him any team can take the chance and only have to pay him half of the salary/cap hit for Avery to play with their team.

Stars captain told the Dallas Newspapers this:”We dug our own hole, and we’ll have to dig out of it as a group,” Morrow said. “But if the first step is to move on past this, then I think we have to do it. If we feel this will make us better, then it’s a tough decision, but we have to do it.”

“That was probably just the last line,” Morrow said. “I think we did a pretty good job of keeping the rest of that stuff in-house.”

Stars co Gm Hull who brought Avery to Dallas has tried to remain loyal to the team that pays him and look to be supporting Avery all at the same time had this to say:

“There were a lot of people doing a lot of talking, from coach Dave Tippett and others,” Hull said. “There was no issue with him on the ice. … It was the off-ice stuff that really was the problem. He obviously didn’t understand that besides being a hockey player, there’s a code of conduct that not only the NHL, but the Dallas Stars have in place. He was unable to follow that.”


So will it be the Rangers after they clear a little room for in-coming Mats Sundin? Or will it be the Toronto Maple Leafs who take the chance that Avery’s stint in Doctor’s offices and anger management be enough for them to take on the gritty rat Avery? There is one thing for sure Avery is a useful player if he gets his head out of his ass and concentrates on just being a player who plays with heart, grit and nothing else.

He is 28yrs old far to young to call it a career and as much as he wouldn’t like to admit this he needs the money the way he carries on with his lifestyle of the rich and famous. Does anyone really think he is going to just retire and get a job at Vogue? Not likely, not likely at all !. Avery will probably prove as this moves forward that he is worth the risk. The simple fact is there is just not enough talent around the NHL to shun a guy with Avery’s ability as a player.

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Great Avery fight in Hockey Pool Section with Dave Clarkson of the Devils.

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