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Tuesday’s Games

December 16th, 2008

Tonights Games and Picks:

WSH @ NYI: Take WSH, The Caps play extremely hard for their coach and look for them to bump off the Islanders at home.

COL @ PHI: Take PHI, The game last night in Detroit was a huge win for the Av’s but not in Philly’s building.

MTL @ CAR: Take MTL, The Habs are shaky at the moment but don’t bet against them in Carolina.

NJD @ TOR: Take NJD, The Leafs are coming off a big win in Buffalo but the Devils are just the better team. This should be a very close game though.

ATL @ OTT: Take OTT, The Sens simply cannot afford to lose to the Thrashers.

CGY @ STL: Take CGY, The Flames are playing well as of late and the Blues are up and down.

PHX @ DAL: Take DAL, The Stars at home against the Coyotes team that show up some nights and not on others.

CHI @ EDM: Take EDM, The Hawks have a very fast young team, but this is HUGE game for the Oilers at home.

NYR @ ANA: Take ANA, This will be a good game and very close on the scoreboard. Rangers have many weapons and the Ducks will try to physically bully the NY team.

True Hockey Passion out West !

December 16th, 2008

Toronto Maple Leafs fans listen up and listen up good ! Watch this video and tell me that Toronto’s Air Canada Centre even compares to the Vancouver Canucks GM Place in terms of fan involvement or noise level? The Canucks, the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames fans are much more passionate than Toronto fans who are generally wearing suits at least in the platinum and gold seats at the ACC.

Whenever the Canucks come out for their pre-game skate around just before the National Anthems and the start of the game, you would without a doubt when watching and if in the building get goose bumps. If when watching this even on TV IF you don’t get shivers down your spine then check your heart rate or check yourself into hospital. The real hockey fans watch the second game out West just for the difference in the game, overall emotion and physical nature of the play out West is night and day to the East.

You see there is a distinct difference in the play of the Western Conference in the NHL vs the NHL Eastern Conference. The West has more fights , more hits , it seems faster action and the last two Stanley Cup winners? Yes, the West Detroit and Anaheim! Mike Danton use to call the West when he was with the St.Louis Blues the ” Black & Blue Conference” vs when he played in the East with the New Jersey Devils. Danton loved the West it fit his style of play and loved and looked forward to Western Conference match-ups especially against the Canucks.

That is why when you have a Chris Neil in Ottawa playing for the Sens he sticks out so much. In the West there are 2 to 3 of those guys on most of those teams. The Canucks are 1-2 in fighting Majors this season with the Ducks. The tough guys usually stand up early and often in Western Conference games, take this past weekends game in Edmonton between the Canucks and the Oilers. There were 3 separate fights to try and set the tone of the game and get the fans and the players of the respective teams into the game. The Canucks are quickly building the reputation of running over teams and more than willing combativeness on the ice on a nightly basis.


Toronto fans unfortunately with the price of tickets and the fact that all the corporations mostly make up the best seats at the ACC. They are  dressed in suits on  Saturday nights and sit on there hands during the games. Yes, it’s sold out in Toronto, but its hardly the Center of the Hockey Universe as people call it. That’s why new Gm Brian Burke is the best thing ever to happen to the Leafs and its fans! Burke the fiery Irishman will make sure that at the very least there will be tough fighters in the line-up to bring the suits out of their seats. Honestly just as a side note ” who the hell wears a suit and tie to a Leafs game on  Saturday night”? Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton fans are true wild, yelling crazy fans that bleed the colors of their teams, have you ever scene a wave of Blue at a Leafs game? Blue suits maybe! Watch the Flames sea of red, or the Canucks see of white and you will know what I’m talking about. Those fans are passionate rabid hockey fans out west and they are what Canadian hockey is all about. Those fans carry their passion on the sleeves and you got to love when playoffs hit in anyone of those Western buildings. It is truly an amazing thing to watch and hear if you are a real hockey fan that like that brand of tough rumble hockey.


Canucks, Oilers, Flames fans are all the type of blue collar people that players love to see at their games.  They have a better appreciation for the hard working, hard hitting workman like lunch pale attitude the players bring to work every night. Players like Brandon Prust in Calgary who leads the NHL in fighting majors and Darcy Hordichuk who Canucks signed this past summer for this specific reason, Oilers Zack Stortini. These guys are all like gods in those cities because of there willingness to be there for their teammates and bring the Western Canadian fans to their feet.

If you want to ever watch a hockey game, a real hockey game and you do not subscribe to NHL-Centre Ice package , stay up late on  Saturday night and watch the Western Conference Canadian teams play each other on HNIC! It will be well worth the wait and convert you to Western Conference hockey!

For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost