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Saturday’s Games/Picks & NFL Picks :

December 19th, 2008

Saturday’s Games and Picks:

CAR @ BOS: Take Bruins, Boston is close to unbeatable in their own rink.

WSH @ PHI: Take Flyers, they will bounce back after a lousy road game in Montreal.

BUF @ MTL: Take MTL, look for MTL to build momentum after a big home win against the Flyers.

DAL @ OTT: Take Stars, this should be a close game, if playing pro line split the game.

TOR @ PIT: Take PIT, Crosby and crew will be too much for Leafs goaltending.

TBL @ ATL: Take TBL, coming off a controversial shootout loss, they should finally come up with a spirited road victory.

LAK @ DET: Take DET, their high powered offence is too much for the Kings to handle.

NYI @ NSH: Take NSH, Isles struggle on the road while the Preds have a good home record

MIN @ STL: Take MIN, who are near the top of their conference, against an up and down Blues team

CLB @ PHX: Take PHX, this will be a close game against my better judgement I give the edge to Coyotes at home

CHI @ VAN: Take VAN, Canuck players better show up because someone is going to be making room for Sundin in their line-up

NYR @ SJS: Take Sharks, they are 16-0-2 at home, that says it all right there

NFL PICKS By Jeremy Frost :

Well folks, another week of football is upon us and there are some very tough games this week. Usually, after looking over the lines, I decide which picks to post based on common sense as I see it. This week, I will instead pick the 3 toughest games or better said, games with the most “meaning” and of course my weekly underdog.

GOLD- Baltimore @ Dallas (-5.5)

This wil be a great defensive battle IF Dallas plays like they played against the Giants. I am not sold on this Dallas team yet but I think they take this at home before the spark burns out next week against Philly.
PICK: Cowboys

SILVER- Arizona @ New England (-8.5)

The odds makers in Vegas must have been sniffing some high quality product when they came to this conclusion! The Pats defence gave up large points to the comedy of errors we call the Oakland Raiders offence. Arizona has a bruised ego after the punishment they recieved versus the Vikings last week. Expect Arizona to dominate with offence.
PICK: Cardinals

BRONZE- Carolina @ New York Giants (-3.5)

Again we find the New York Giants with their backs against the wall. Even though many have questioned the play of Super Bowl MVP and Pro Bowler Eli Manning in the last two weeks, people tend to forget that this is where this team is most comfortable. Distractions aside, the G Men will dominate in this game in all aspects and again make you all believers!
PICK: New York Football Giants

UPSET OF THE WEEK- Philadelphia (-6.5) @ Washington
Its a long shot but I have a feeling McNabb’s tendency to throw picks this season will haunt him in this one.
PICK: Redskins

Friday’s Games and Picks :

December 19th, 2008


OTT @ NJD : Take NJD, The Sens are desperate but the Devils are just the far better team right now.

LAK @ BUF : Take BUF, The Sabres will take the Kings at home . Kings good young team but Sabres are building momentum as of late.

NYI @ MIN: Take MIN, The Wild at home against a much weaker Islanders team is a miss-match.

CHI @ CGY : Take CGY, The Flames need this win at home and are playing much better hockey, take the under if you are betting on this game. Will be close game.

ANA @ EDM: Take EDM, Oilers will upset the Ducks on home ice and bounce back against the tough Duck team. Take the over this will be a high scoring game.

Sundin Lands with Canucks !

December 19th, 2008

Mike Gillis could hardly control his emotions! This I know personally because when Mike gets pumped about something like he did at yesterday’s press conference to announce that Mats Sundin has chosen to play for the Western Conference Vancouver Canucks. Gillis talks about character and integrity repeatedly when he is excited about anything hockey and yesterday was certainly no exception as Gillis landed the big free agent fish. Gillis stayed the course and left the cap room for Sundin and when it was all said and done no matter how or why, Sundin chose the Canucks.


Sundin did not sign the 2 year 20 million dollar offer that was offered by Gillis back on July 1st. Sundin waited and looked over all his options and decided that the Canucks cap room, goal tending and overall quality of life not to mention the Canucks excellent start was the place to land. Sundin is an all star make no mistake about it, he will help the Canucks top 6 and will certainly provide at least a point a game once he is in game shape.

Sundin will likely play with everyone in the top 6 at some point and will certainly play on the first unit power play with fellow Swede’s the Sedin twins. But look for Sundin to start on a line with former Leafs teammate Kyle Wellwood. At some point in some game you just know that coach Alain Vigneault will throw the 3 Swede’s out there together on the same line. If nothing else Sundin’s choice to not take the 2 year deal leaves the Canucks open to add another player at the deadline. Gillis suggested that Sundin realized this and this was a factor moving forward which Gillis says speaks volumes of the type of character and integrity he has.

Look Mats is going to be paid at the very least a pro rated salary based on the offer he received from Gillis this summer. But leaving off that other year does several things for the Canucks besides allowing them to add another player this summer, it allows Sundin to come back and see just how much impact he can have. If it is not a major impact as expected the Canucks can walk away this summer and use the money all over again somewhere else.


The major factor for Sundin coming to the Canucks seems to be the fact that other than the Canucks are currently a winning team, he can arrive and no one loses their job and is shipped out in a trade to clear cap space. Gillis said this was a factor in Sundin’s thinking and he wanted to be able to step into the lineup and not cause a rift with player movement. Now most likely Mike Brown will lose his job and be sent to Manitoba AHL to make room. But the Rangers on the other hand would have had to deal a prime time salary player to get Sundin on the roster. So in this case less is more for Sundin and the Canucks gave him the salary, top 6 forward job, chance to win, goaltending.  If you listen to Gillis, Mats has kept close watch at everything that Gillis has been implementing from the day he took the job. Gillis spoke of the environment that they as management, players and coaches created that enticed Sundin to Vancouver.


Gillis admitted during the press conference that being a former agent, he has known Sundin’s agent for over 20 years and it was a factor in this Sundin coo. Gillis said that he chose to stay the course and not go off track once during the entire process, applying no pressure to Mats or his agent to accept the deal quicker. Gillis even went as far to suggest that he always felt that Sundin was going to choose the Canucks because of their calm tactic approach to landing Sundin. As the former agent Gillis said he and Sundin’s agent J.P Berry, speak the same language.


This has to be said mostly because all of Sundin’s friends in hockey were indicating that Mats was looking heavily at the Rangers and playing in New York this season. But there was either a last minute change of heart because of all the factors that we have already mentioned or the Rangers were unable to drop that salary cap money to clear the space for Sundin. Whatever the situation Canucks players or fans should not look at this as they were the 2nd choice. If Sundin comes in and provides that top 6 scoring that he has for the Leafs then it won’t matter how or why this happened just that it happened. Rangers GM Glen Sather as par for the course since his arrival in New York dropped the ball big time in losing out on Sundin, who all indications seemed that he wanted to be a Ranger. Look for the Rangers to settle on Shanahan, bringing back the veteran to the fold.


Canucks fans and the City of Vancouver are going to find out what Toronto has known for years now. On Dec 27th when Sundin arrives they will see that he is a very low key, classy point producer that does want to win. Sundin is a big man that will provide leadership and as Gillis loves to repeat he will add character and integrity to the dressing room and City. Besides the two Sedin brothers being from Sweden Sundins native country there is defensemen veteran Mattias Ohlund and Alex Edler who are also from Mats homeland. This would have played a part in Mats big picture decision to become a Canuck Thursday. Canuck fans need to hope that Roberto Luongo gets back to full health and there is chemistry in the top 6 to go along with the grity group that Gillis has brought in. If that happens this team can take a real crack at the Western Conference championship against the Detroit’s and San Jose’s.

For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost