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Sunday’s NHL Games & Picks: NFL Picks :

December 20th, 2008

Tonights games;

PHI @ NJD : Take NJD, The Devs at home against Flyers who have been played a lot of hockey lately.

COL @ FLA : Take FLA, The Panthers are playing excellent as of late and will take down the Av’s.

BOS @ STL: Take BOS, The Bruins are dominating teams and will beat the Blues in St.Loo.

CAR @ MTL : Take MTL, Canadians have finally woke up and starting to get back to there winning ways. Canes still a very unpredictable team even after the coaching change.

NFL PICKS By Jeremy Frost :

Well folks, another week of football is upon us and there are some very tough games this week. Usually, after looking over the lines, I decide which picks to post based on common sense as I see it. This week, I will instead pick the 3 toughest games or better said, games with the most “meaning” and of course my weekly underdog.

GOLD- Baltimore @ Dallas (-5.5)

This wil be a great defensive battle IF Dallas plays like they played against the Giants. I am not sold on this Dallas team yet but I think they take this at home before the spark burns out next week against Philly.
PICK: Cowboys LOSS!

SILVER- Arizona @ New England (-8.5)

The odds makers in Vegas must have been sniffing some high quality product when they came to this conclusion! The Pats defence gave up large points to the comedy of errors we call the Oakland Raiders offence. Arizona has a bruised ego after the punishment they recieved versus the Vikings last week. Expect Arizona to dominate with offence.
PICK: Cardinals

BRONZE- Carolina @ New York Giants (-3.5)

Again we find the New York Giants with their backs against the wall. Even though many have questioned the play of Super Bowl MVP and Pro Bowler Eli Manning in the last two weeks, people tend to forget that this is where this team is most comfortable. Distractions aside, the G Men will dominate in this game in all aspects and again make you all believers!
PICK: New York Football Giants

UPSET OF THE WEEK- Philadelphia (-6.5) @ Washington
Its a long shot but I have a feeling McNabb’s tendency to throw picks this season will haunt him in this one.
PICK: Redskins

HOCKEY HITS for Saturday . . .

December 20th, 2008


Tampa Goalie Mike Smith who has been the one bright spot with the struggling Lightning this season got robbed in the shootout this week against Colorado.

Interestingly this game was a very tight game and Smith dueled former Leafs, Bruins goalie Andrew Raycroft of the Av’s in a 1-1 game until the shootout mishap. Smith as shown in the video above was called for throwing his stick in the course of making the save.

“I know it’s a quick game and things happen fast, there are four refs on the ice - four, not one - they have the angles covered… I mean, I made the save and I had to drop the stick because my stick was going to fly into the air,” said Smith, who made 34 saves. “You can’t make that call at that point in the game, you can’t, you can’t. The save was already made and it was after the fact that the stick went to the ice.

“There’s four guys on the ice, you would think one of them could make the right call.”

As if Smith and his team have not had enough bad luck and different things happen to them the last thing they needed was ref Tim Peel blowing this call at that crucial time of the game.

“My phone’s been blowing up from NHL people that are friends who said that’s a terrible call,” Lightning  coach Rick Tocchet said

If this game wasn’t interesting enough already with that blown call. Smith and Raycroft are not only friends but they attend and train in summers with Toronto based Goalie Guru former NHL Calgary Flame Goalie coach Jon Elkin who owns and operates Elkin Goaltending.

Elkin when contacted about this story had this to say on his website about the game. To read his full Blog on this story visit Elkin’s website .

Andrew Raycroft and Mike Smith faced each other last night in what effectively amounted to  a 1-1 draw. Both goalies were stellar - “Smitty” stopping 34 of 35 shots and “Rayzor” making 37 saves. Momentum shifted back and forth all game - whichever way it went, each goalie was there to hold the fort until his team regained control.

The only goals scored were on a jam play to the front of the net on Smith and a broken play/screen shot on Raycroft. In fact, those were the only goals scored period - including the shootout. It may have been the first game in NHL history where a team won without scoring a goal!

Once again the NHL has dropped the ball here and without question has left the refs hanging with no clear discretion to make the right calls on these matters.


New York Islander forward Mike Comrie who’s father is the founder of the Canadian furniture company The Brick has been dating Hilary Duff for years now.

Comrie who recently was a healthy scratch in New York and missed 17 games to do injury. So far on the season cut short for Comrie he has scored only 2 times adding 6 helpers. Comrie who has scored 30 plus goals twice in his NHL career is coming off last years Islander performance that saw him get 21-28 for 49 points. Resigning with them in the summer to return to the Island.

The 28 yr old Comrie who seems to be more interested in his full time girlfriend Duff than he does with playing hockey this year as they are pictured constantly carousing around New York.

Look for Comrie if things on the ice do not improve to ask the Islanders to move him towards the NHL deadline to Los Angles. Why? Pretty simple this would put him back with his girlfriend who lives in California, based on the picture here in Maxim who could blame Comrie!


Look the Ottawa Senators are a disaster right now to that there is no question!

But if they think by sitting out Jason Spezza he will turn it around they are crazy. Spezza is what he is, and that is a skilled softer type center that can make some unreal plays in the offensive zone. Spezza not only would not respond to this type of action, the Sens would be killing any chance of trading the skilled  nerdy center if they healthy scratched him. Sens would lose all trading strength for Spezza by sitting him out NOT A GOOD MOVE IF YOU ARE THE SENS!

Continuing with the Sens Chris Neil has certainly done his part in Ottawa since coming back from injury. Neil has taken on all comers and is a very tough kid that can give and receive a punch, including missing Tampa’s Zenon Konopka last week with a punch that hit the glass, only to smile after about it. Neil is exactly the type of player the Sens need on their bottom two lines. Sens need whoever is in charge next season to upgrade their grit and toughness factors on those lines desperately. The Sens have quickly dropped to last in their division and will without question be testing the patience of ownership during this continued slump.


The constant rumors around the NHL are that there will be a flurry of activity after the holidays.

Toronto’s Brian Burke is rumored to already have a tough guy deal done and will wait until the holiday roster freeze to get it finalized. There should be more teams poised to make deals now that we are very close to the halfway mark of the season and teams are starting to break away on top and fall off at the bottom of the Conferences.

Canucks saved some room with the Mats Sundin signing with him taking less. The Canucks have around $2.5 million to spend on deadline deals for what appears to be another top 6 forward which is on GM Mike Gillis‘ wish list. Gillis is becoming a hero in Canuck land with the start the team has had and now the landing of the big Swede. This after fans and media alike wanted to run the ex agent out of town after his announcement as the new GM. Goes to show you that you have to give a guy a chance and not make preconceived decisions, and certainly that you should NEVER listen to the media. Kudos to the Nucks ownership to not recycle from the old NHL boy’s club!

Enjoy all the NHL action today and tonight. Our Canadian weather is certainly reminding us all its winter time out and god dam cold!!

For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost