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Leafs Pogge Solid & Walt to the Bruins ?

December 23rd, 2008

Leafs rookie AHL Marlies goalie Justin Pogge was solid in his 1st NHL game last night in Atlanta in Toronto’s 6-2 win. The Leafs who work hard but not a whole lot else are basically getting mileage from lesser players in offensive roles like D.Moore who has been playing on the teams PP on top of logging big minutes for the offensive challenged Leafs.

Back to Pogge, he is a big kid and covers a lot of net when standing in there. When he stays square to the puck and makes his body look tall his physical size is somewhat intimidating in the net for Toronto. Pogge’s height makes him one of the bigger goalies in recent Toronto memory and came out a few times to cut off the angle and shooters like Thrasher star Russian Kovalchuk had no where to shoot. Pogge could be the answer, it looks as though he needs to get a little bit quicker and catch up to his big frame in the net with scrambles and traffic.


Blues veteran forward Keith Tkachuk who is affectionately always been know to his teammates as Walt. Walt, as he always has scores goals on the Power Play, his stats so far this season are 8 PP Goals to go with his 12 Goals on the season with 12 helpers for the Blues. Walt has been through all of the trade deadline stuff before in St.Louis because he has been on the weaker side of the record a few times the last few years and has been traded and returned to the Blues in the summer. Walt who once again will be in a position to be traded again this season , when he does look no further than Walt’s hometown of Boston and the Bruins. The Bruins are definitely a Stanley Cup contender this season and Walt was born just outside of Boston and is a rabid Boston Red Sox baseball fan. Walt would be a perfect fit at the deadline for the Bruins and their Cup hopes and playoffs. The Bruins will only need to add a few veteran parts to make a solid run look no further than Boston native Keith “Walt” Tkachuk.


It’s been reported that the new Russian Hockey League the KHL which has several star ex NHL players playing in its league are hiring former NHL ref Paul Stewart as Director of Officiating. Stewart was a former player turned ref who the players loved for his straight up approach to the job. He would be the prefect fit for this position and bring some respectability to the league instantly. The KHL not only has Russian star Alexi Yashin playing but former NHLers Chris Simon , former Senators Ray Emery playing net in its league just to name a few.


Look it without question this is one of the most frustrating items in the NHL for the players and coaches all around the league. It’s the constant parade to the penalty box for obstruction calls. Everyone agreed years ago that something needed to be done about the trap and especially the neutral zone hold ups and the D pinching off the 1st forward in on the 4-check. But don’t blame the refs for all the calls that drive you crazy as a fan or a player in the game. The refs make some bad calls and mistakes like the players do or the coaches or GM’s at times all do. With that said the obstruction especially the stick even touching a guy on the backcheck through the neutral zone or anywhere for that matter has got to go. You have to have a feel for the game and if a guy is not holding the other player up with his stick and its nothing more than a wave of the stick or tap DON’T MAKE THE CALL! Nothing drives players and coaches more crazy than the game being slowed down for these minor calls. The Refs have been taught to call or are suppose to call this everytime or they get called up on the carpet for missing it. The league is slowing down the game with some of these non inhibiting to the play calls. Some of these refs are to blame for not having the feel for the game but generally the refs are just doing what they are told to do by the league. So next time you are yelling at your TV or at a game screaming bullshit at the refs don’t necessarily blame the ref himself. Blame  Gary Bettman and the league for not allowing the refs to have a little bit of feel for what is taking place out there.


Flyer’s Jeff Carter continues his assault on the Goal scoring race this year adding to his total once again this past weekend. Carter has 25 Goals and is well on his way to a 50 plus goal season. Pens teammate forwards  Crosby & Malkin are on top of the NHL points lead with Malkin at 58 and Crosby 47.

In Calgary, the Flames are one of those teams that when someone gets hurt on their roster they don’t waste the players from the farm AHL and summon just the top scorer to play in Calgary. GM Darryl Sutter calls up from his Quad City Flames farm club the position that went down in Calgary in their lineup. This time Flames Sutter called up his son Brett Sutter to play on the Calgary’s 4th line as the replacement. Some of the Calgary media speculated that Sutter called up his son because it was Xmas is ridiculous. I’m sure Sutter could care less what the media thinks and give him credit he had the balls to call up his own kid even if he only has 1 goal on the farm to fill in the 4th line role for his Flames. NHL teams that don’t practice this should take notice taking a top 6 forward and plugging him on your 4th line does nothing for the player, you are not doing him any favors. It’s very tough to switch gears like that for players and all of a sudden go from top 6 to 4th line player. The young Sutter is the 8th Sutter to play in the NHL including his cousin rookie Brandon playing full time for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Our Hockey God Hockey Pools section once again went for 4 for 4 in last night games/picks.

Hockey God in just a few days will have the Top Best of: starting again for Jan focusing this time on Media as it relates to the game.

Toronto has to please, please get rid of this phony kid who does NOT want to fight anyone tough out there. Deveaux is so obvious, he is not fooling anyone who understands the game. It’s simple he does not have it in him to GO with the big boys. Fighting Pens Russian Ruslan Fadotenko after going nowhere near any of the Pens tough guys all night. It’s embarrassing and it’s time for this to end!

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