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Santa, Can Toronto Have a New Goalie ?

December 24th, 2008

Okay so let me get this straight in Leaf land last night at the ACC. Vesa Toskala’s groin was to sore 24 hours earlier to play in Atlanta against the Thrashers? So they call up AHL up and coming Justin Pogge to play in the game. Then when the Leafs beat the bad Atlanta Thrasher team and Pogge plays well, Toskala has a remarkable recovery and is all of a sudden able to play 24 hours later last night against the waiting Dallas Stars? Did I get that straight! This is the most ridicuolous thing I have ever heard or scene.

If you wanted to play Pogge on the road in Atlanta to get a look at him and keep it safe with less pressure on the road against a shitty team in Atlanta then so be it. But don’t bullshit about it and tell it the way it is, that you wanted to see the kid and give him some protection. You know like the same defensive protection that was not provided for Toskala last night in Toronto.

The Stars were skating circles around the Leafs D all night and if you are Jeff Finger or Thomas Kaberle what does it say for you when the team so badly misses 19 yr old Luke Schenn. So desperate in fact for his return the Leafs are that he can come on and give some stability to the back end of horrors last night at the ACC.


So yes blame the goalie last night he certainly deserves it without a doubt that was a gong show and comedy of errors on defence last night. But also what the hell was Vesa doing in the net , if you are truly going to test the kid Pogge then throw him back in the net and let him ride the wave. But no Toronto chose to protect the kid and put him away for another day and allow Toskala to go back in hurt as they would have us believe. Curtis Joesph actually played ok when he was put in after the 7th Stars goal. But in the end Toronto blew a tire last night and is getting more and more obvious that the Leafs and their new GM Dream Team are going to have to find a number one goalie for them to have any chance.


Look no further than possibly grabbing Montreal’s Jaroslav Halak they will not be able to hold on to both forever and Carey Price seems to have beat Halak out for the number one job there.

But this is just  one of the many goalies that will be available over the next few months in the NHL. There can be no mistake this time when deciding who the Leafs are going to go with to be their number one goalie of the future. The Leafs will have to hope that Toskala will play much better, in fact good enough to bring something anything legit back in a trade at the deadline.

Toronto’s effort was a joke last night and there is no excuse for it. Other than the players arrived home from their road  trip and started Xmas earlier they just didn’t tell the fans that still paid HUGE dough for their seats.

With Xmas here, I will keep this short and hope that the holiday gives the Leafs a break that will allow the 19 yr old D back in the lineup along with some trades ideas in Burke’s stocking Xmas morning.

For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost