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December 27th, 2008

For all those hockey people or fans for that matter who are worried or commenting about Sidney Crosby listen to this ” don’t worry about Crosby, he is just fine!”.

Crosby, 21 yrs old sits second in the NHL in points with 49 and only behind his teammate and sometimes line-mate. Evgeni Malkin who is a great player in his own right benefits greatly from not only playing with Crosby whether he is on his line or just the power play or not.


You see when he is on Sid’s line he benefits from the passes he receives when he is in sweet spots in the offensive zone. When Malkin is used by the coaches on another line he avoids the top 2 D Crosby plays against nightly in the NHL. Malkin either way greatly benefits from playing with or without Crosby and they are very dangerous on the PP together.


Tonight and over the last little while some media including Hockey Night’s Coach’s Corner Don Cherry tonight speculated on Crosby looking tired and in need of rest. Well, if Crosby is tired and in need of that rest and has put up 15 goals to go with 34 helpers in just 36 games played. Then I would love to see his numbers when he is not so tired.

Look I don’t agree very often or if ever with media or in this case Don Cherry’s statements on the game, outside of  Cherry’s thoughts on Canadian hockey passion and fighting.

In this case Cherry speculated that Crosby needs to do less media for the NHL and the signing of autographs and all that Crosby does as an ambassador for hockey. Crosby is fine and you would expect that between his handlers with the Pens and his own agents that they make sure he never feels that he is over extended. Why? That’s their god damn job that’s why. If Crosby is feeling that way in anyway shape or form, shame on those handlers.


To think that when the kid at 21 is smart enough to still live with the teams former star and now owner Mario Lemieux would be having issues off the ice is hard to fathom.

Mario is a smart guy who had just as much pressure on him as a young star in the NHL and would without question have Sid’s ear on all matters hockey on and off the ice. So much so after living with Mario and getting close to his wife and kids Mario pretty much treats Sid like one of his own. It would be smart for coach Michel Therrien to remember this before he shoots off about Crosby not carrying his own weight. Look I’m the first guy when I coached to get up in a star players kitchen if he is not playing well or slacking in anyway. But Crosby’s compete level is unreal for a skilled player that throws around his 5″11 200 pound frame like he is a much bigger man.

Crosby although still young is not that young baby whiner he once was in his first year at times. Crosby has turned into a smart, heads up NHL star who lives and listens to probably the best influence you could possibly ask for in Mario. Sid is as solid on his skates then anyone in the league and bulls himself to the net at times making scary passes and off balance shots that surprise goalies around the league. Guess what like him or not Crosby can flat out play, people need to stop over analyzing every little thing about him.


In terms of what media is saying about Crosby talking and doing to much off the ice. Mats Sundin was the number one media player for the Maple Leafs for years and as captain you have to be like that answering all the questions. Crosby has been taught well and is a skilled talker that makes simple good points about his game along with his teams performance. Signing autographs is a part of the business especially if its kid fans of the game its part of the job and frankly Sid’s responsibility. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with Crosby’s willingness to do what he can to sell the game. Like I said previous I”m sure Mario his owner and father figure along with his agent and handlers know when enough’s enough.

Crosby is the Pens highest paid player and will be among the top paid players for years to come in the NHL. Crosby in my mind is playing fine, the Pens are without last years top 6 forward for Crosby, Marian Hossa. So outside of playing Sid with Malkin who really is a legit top 6 forward outside of those 2 on the Pens roster?. Basically what it seems to be is Crosby and Malkin lift up those others and elevate their games to a top 6 level on some nights. Crosby just like any other star player should do that, but still needs quality players to play with on a nightly basis.

Next time you hear media complain about a guy looking tired don’t believe the bullshit that the player is tired or whatever. In this case Crosby is fine and will not be on fire every night in a long season.

But be sure Crosby knows his limits and sitting at the top of the league scoring shows that Sidney Crosby can play the game and is and will be just fine!

For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost

Saturday’s Games & Picks ….

December 27th, 2008

Tonight’s Games :

NYI @ BUF : Take NYI,  Islanders number goalie Rick DiPietro is back there was no surprise that last nights game was their best of there season 4-1 over Toronto. Look for the Islanders to get on a roll.

MTL @ PIT : Take MTL, Pitt coming off a 1-0 shutout last night who have not been scoring as of late will lose at home to the Hab’s. Should be a low scoring game if you play the over/under.

BOS @ CAR : Take BOS, Bruins have been excellent both on the road and home this year. Bruins did not play on boxing day and Canes played a tough game in Atlanta. Bruins get the edge.

PHI @ CLB : Take PHI, Flyer’s need a rebound game and I believe playing against the Blue Jackets although hard working team are no match for Flyer’s speed, grit and skill.

NJD @ NYR : Take NJD, Only Devils because I believe in coach Sutter so much and his ability to get his team back up after a tough loss. This should be a close game in New York at Madison Square.

FLA @ TBL : Take FLA, Look for the Panthers to return the shootout loss last night to Tampa tonight. Both teams have played better as of late but give the edge to Panthers in tis back to back.

ANA @ DAL : Take DAL, Stars have been playing better and the Ducks have been weak the last 10 games. Stars 6-3-3 will win at home against the Playoff bound Ducks.

SJS @ STL: Take SJS, Sharks play well no matter where they are and are leading the league with a 27-4-3 record. Blues are last in the Western conference with a record of 3-7-0 in their last 10.

DET @ COL : Take DET, Wings are a very good team and will bounce back from the loss to Hawks in Colorado. Av’s are 9-6 at home this year while the Wings are 11-4-2 on the road.

LAK @ PHX: Take LAK, Kings in this back to back will beat the Coyotes in the return match. Kings last night lost a close game 2-1. Coyotes have a very good record at home so the Kings will need a big effort from there young legs.

OTT @ CAL: Take CAL, Flames in there own rink will over match the visiting struggling Senators in Calgary. Look for the tougher Flames to run the Sens out of the rink tonight in the late game.