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December 29th, 2008


With major sponsors to go along with the main Bridgestone sponsor down as title for the windy city New Years day game with the Blackhawks vs the visiting Detroit Red Wings this will be a huge event.

Hockey in the US needs this type of event yearly to generate overall excitement for the game and draws massive attention to the sport. USA television booms when this event happens and conveniently both teams happen to be at the top of the league. The young Hawks have won 9 in a row good for a 20-6-7 in the conference. The Wings have not been as strong as of late but still sit 2nd in the conference tied with the red hot Bruins overall and behind the league leading San Jose Sharks. Advantage to the kids on the young Hawks who let’s face it were still playing outside only a year or two ago as youngsters playing the game in both Canada and the US. Not to mention defenceman free agent pick up Brian Campbell who played in the game last year for the Sabres.


As important is the games in the US to put hockey on the map and generate the interest in the game for television and to pack as many people as you can into Wrigley Field in Chicago to view the event.

Toronto Maple Leafs fans deserve a yearly event down at the old Sky Dome newly named Rogers Center home of baseballs Blue Jays, CFL football’s Argos and the more recent NFL’s Buffalo Bills. This would a great event on so many levels for Toronto and the fans in general. Lets examine why and what it could look like. Take the Franchise who sells out every game ever year and is in no way concerned about ticket sales. This event would pack 50,000 plus fans into the stadium with great opportunity for sponsorship including boxes and hotel suites that can be sold to watch the game. There would be no effect to the season ticket holders as they could easily be offered their regular 2 seats for the event. But the beauty if your the Leafs executive would be all the additional seat sales not to mention to finally give something back to the regular Joe fan. Offer seats at a affordable price and get real Leaf fans into the building that will actually make some NOISE during the game with the rowdy regular fan watching live for once.

Toronto could arrange this game against a Canadian rival or any Canadian team on the schedule which would be great for the fans and sponsors. Think of it, a game with 50,000 plus fans in that environment would be excellent for all involved and even for the players if you really wanted you could close the roof and just make the game not about the outdoor concept. Just about the size of the stadium and comfort for the fans in the atmosphere that would go with a game with that many fans watching the game. This is a must for Toronto and its starving fans who besides this really have nothing to look forward to in their hockey team.

HOCKEY HITS . . . . . . . .

Look for Brendan Shanahan to be back playing very soon now that we are basically at the half way point. The Rangers, Devils or just because they are local the Islanders would all be good fits for Shanny who lives close by all three teams.

Shanahan could jump to a competitive team for a relatively cheap salary for the rest of the season. If I’m Montreal where they are in need badly of some leadership he would be a welcome addition, he can still play the game and help on a dismal power play in front with the Hab’s. Then their is the closer Boston Bruins who seem to be firing on all cylinders who may not want to upset the current lineup. But you can never come playoff time have enough veteran presence. All of the Cup contenders should be looking at this guy for a late season addition into their lineups.


Peter Forsberg is a waste if he returns to Colorado a team that still may not make the playoffs this season and considering Forsberg would return so late it could be all for  nothing. Unless this guy will play for dirt cheap money he is not worth the injury risk for any team.


Canada at the World Juniors romped again 15-0 which is not a score that should ever happen in a event calling itself a World Championship. They need to make changes to this tourney and get rid of the shitty teams to make the tourney more exciting for the fans and especially drive up the competition for the teams fighting to keep their game at a high level. I for one have experienced tournaments where you play a few lousy teams on the way through the rounds and then your team is not playing a high enough level or standard when the good games start up. It’s bad all around and must be changed in the format if they wish to really hold a World title tournament moving forward.

Hockey God Hockey Pools section again last night (Sunday) went perfect with 6 wins in 6 games.

For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost