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September 29th, 2010

Our friendly national enquirer hockey expert (STOP laughing he his .. just ask him !!)

Steve Jefferson’s close friend and ally Steve Simmons are out on the streets plugging a book on Danton to try and make money off the story that’s been mostly way over sensationalized by Simmons.

Simmons wrote yet another story about me working in CA in hockey, shocker.

Yes, we have been contracted to help write advanced protocols for All Motion Hockey Systems and teach them how to best set up a hockey specific training center. With teaching them how to use the hockey specific machines we are showing them how best to use the equipment for training players, to simply make them the best players they can be. It’s not rocket science, hockey is what I know, it’s how I feed my family and I really could care less if Simmons or anyone else doesn’t like it.

I have not put my skates on once since I have been in CA, I’m teaching them how to teach not behind any bench coaching. But with that said If I wanted to I could do that but that’s not in my future in reality.

Just a quick note to show how Simmons lies and twists people words. We received this text message today from DP Hockey about his interview with Simmons ” Wow did my comments get skewed by toronto sun reporter, he really ducked me”. Just goes to show when you decide to swim with the big fish you may get your ass bitten off a tad. HAHA

All Motion Hockey’s showroom is the best hockey specific training center equipment you will see anywhere in the world this much is true, but come on down no one is hiding, it’s the opposite they would love to show you the equipment and how it’s used to make hockey players better, stronger, faster.


Thanks for all of your return business with hockey god memberships, we will continue to offer you the best service in the hockey industry with video breakdown analysis along with any other talior made hockey memberships you are looking for. Our Toronto office is ready to take your email outlining the hockey support needed or set you up in the game tape fed-ex program we have set up for easy conveniance of getting your games video to our office to be analized.

For Hockey God I’m Dave James Frost