January 5th, 2009

NHL ALL STAR game includes some of the best skilled players in the game that much is true.

The NHL in hope of getting the fans revved up about the event allow fan balloting in each of the teams buildings on top of NHL.com write in votes. The NHL has long dropped the ball on this event with the game becoming a boring no hitter with very little to like about it.


But this years being in Montreal a Canadian City with rabid fans should be much better for the event that has very little interest right ? NO ! This years of all years is tainted by ballot stuffing and Montreal fans have flocked, being that it’s in Montreal to stuff it’s own players in the starting  fan voted lineup.

The starters for the East are Crosby leading the way which is a no brainer. Then Malkin, Crosby’s teammate who sits on top of the NHL in scoring is an obvious choice. What the hell is the only way to talk about the next pick from the Habs, it is none other than the lazy skilled Russian who went as much as 18 games this season with out a goal Alex Kovalev. Can anyone in Montreal tell me with a straight face that Kovalev has played better this year which is how it’s suppose to work than say Alex Ovechkin ? If you said yes, you are full of it, Ovechkin has slipped into 2nd in league points and is tied for first in Goals with 27 with another deserving player the Flyer’s Jeff Carter.

Ovechkin has 27 Goals to go along with his 26 helpers giving him almost as much goals or assists than Kovalev does points, this year at 9 goals for 28 points good for 74th overall in the league tied with Defenceman Sheldon Souray. Ovechkin should be the starter over Kovalev anyone can see that just by looking at their games and stats this season.

Then there is Habs D Mike Komisarek, who I actually think is a great tough puck moving D that I think Brian Burke with the Leafs should go after the minute this guy becomes a free agent for the wimpy club that plays in Toronto. Komisarek would be a good addition if they ran the All Star game the way I think they should (more on that later) but in the way it’s set up today, it’s not a great pick and let’s face it, it’s a homer fan pick.

Andrei Markov Montreal’s best D is a deserving pick but their could be a case made by several other D around the East as well.

Carey Price has showed that at a young age that he deserved  GM Gainey’s trust to go with him as the teams number one goalie. Price a starter for the East I”m not too sure about that, though, he has played well but has he been better than say Boston’s tandem which sit on top of the East. Or the Rangers, Henrik Lundqvist, the Devils back up that has come in a held the fort together for the hurting number one goalie with New Jersey, still having a great record under Scott Clemmensen. Price at the very least I can stand being their because he is a top flight goalie on a East team that is near the top of the conference. But you get the point with the voting and the bullshit that it all is moving forward in Montreal this year.


The All Star game is a collection of skill but does not turn into grace on ice with the stars showing their outstanding skill level at full speeds that hockey needs to be played at. No, it’s boring no hitter with zero emotion that is hard to watch.

Those people that say hockey is too tough , too many fights, are the same people that don’t like NFL football and the crushing hits that go with that. If you want to see figure skating and the skill that goes with that then watch it. But if your the NHL, don’t try to fool real hockey fans, you can give them shit skill in a rink and in the end it’s still shit skill in the rink!


Here is what they should do with the game for the NHL All Star game next season. Let the players choose the players that play in the All Star game next year. But make the option on the choices like this: The players would have 6 forward positions that would go to the top 6 in each conference, so that’s 12 forward players that would match the top scoring leaders and power play guys in the league. Then choose the 6 best goalies in each conference who are carrying his team at the time in the conference. Pick the next 3rd line players in each conference that bring to their respective teams a mix of skill, grit and passion for the game that will go out in an All Star game and play that same style. Then for the 4th line, each conference pick the best fighter so that’s 1 per team along with the conferences best penalty killing 4th line players to round out the forward units.

Then on D pick 3 of the best skilled power play puck moving D and allow for 6 spots 3 on each conference team. Then the other 6 spots 3 for each team is for the best D defencemen that combine a solid game with physical aggressive hitting mean D.

Add in a money prize that would give the winning team a good chunk of $change$ and let those players loose on each other.  You have a real NHL game but it would be the best of each job and position in the NHL going at it. Their would be personal pride from the skill players to the bottom 6 forwards to go along with the skill and tough D in each conference. Are you kidding me hitting, fighting, goals to go along with real hockey in an All Star game what a novel idea.


For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost.

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