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Featuring Hockey’s number # 1 bad boy controversial figure former NHLPA agent Dave Frost. His behind the scenes expertise look, that no one else will tell you about today’s game.

Monthly blog from Mike Danton former NHL player with New Jersey Devils and St.Louis Blues unedited take on what has happened to him and the world of Hockey through his eye’s.

Also other featured column’s from Hockey figures from around the game today.

Featured articles on hockey training , drills, nutrition , inside scoops on everything off/on the ice that it takes to become a player or coach.

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Dave Frost
My name is Dave Frost former NHLPA Agent and Jr.A and minor Coach. I am a 41 yr old married man with two young kids and have been involved full time in Hockey since 1989 when I ran my Hockey School in the Toronto area.

This web site is going to be the most knowledgeable and at times controversial site in Hockey and we will dive right into all that is Hockey from the players to the management of the teams. We will also have guest writers writing about training , nutrition and all aspects of the game off the ice. Writers will also include players from around the different leagues to give you there own perspective on the game today.

We will go behind the scenes and use our sources to get you the insight into the game and what is really going on with the challenges in today’s game. We will up date this site several times through out the day as hockey stories develop. We will also be providing a video on Hockey as we move forward from around the Hockey world. The beauty of this site for me personally is that I am able to write about anything from any where in the world and at any time of day.

This blog/column will not always be the most favourable position on Hockey topics, it will how ever be the most up front and knowledgeable and to the point. We do not have the restrictions that a news paper has and will bring you the straight goods on all topics from a Hockey perspective. There is so much that goes on in Hockey that no one wants you to know, we will bring that to you in a no holds barred way.

As a former highly successful Coach who has won championships and developed players that have gone on to NHL , AHL or Minor Pro, Major Junior , NCAA . But there is with out question controversy with the way that transpired. Twelve years ago and when Hockey coaching was done at the higher levels with the Mike Keenan approach if you wanted to be successful you had to find a way to get the 20 players on the ice every night to buy in or play your system your way. Hockey is not for the fainted heart and I believe it is not for tree huggers. It is at the higher levels a serious business with allot at stake for players trying to make money from the game either through contract or education. There is approx only 650 NHL player positions available and you either have to have outstanding skill level or a mix of skill and grit to get one of those spots. As we move forward I will teach the things that I believe can get a player there if they are the latter and want it bad enough. If your a fan of the game you will get the best insight here .

There is no question with any one who had watched or heard of the way my teams performed on the ice that I believe the game should be played a certain way, with heart, energy and with out question the most important with grit, passion and in some players a willingness to fight . If you don’t like that type of Hockey then this is not the blog for you. I love and believe in that approach to the game. Playing tough , physical hockey wins championships look at the recent Cup Champs Anaheim Ducks. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate my ways. I know and understand the game and it’s just that simple ! Here is a story from the Ottawa Citizen on hockey god if you are interested:


For Hockey god on line I’m Dave Frost …….

Mike Danton

Danton will be writing about his take on hockey through his eye’s over the time he spent in the NHL with the New Jersey Devils and the St.Louis Blues leading right up and until his arrest in St.Louis and to present day. We will at his request provide Danton’s address so that you can respond to him personally or write to him through this site if you wish to comment on anything he writes about. Danton has been busy working on the book he is writing ” When the Ice Melts by Mike Danton”. Danton has been approved for transfer from the United States as of May/2008 and is still awaiting approval from the Canadian government to be transferred back to his home country. This amongst other items are the area’s that Danton will be covering through out his time on hockey god online and will be a must read by all hockey readers .