January 3rd, 2009

Pens superstar Sidney Crosby showed once again that if he is provoked or is in the mood he too will drop the gloves. Florida’s Brett McLean found out on a draw when Crosby as shown in the video started to pound away on him. Crosby, who is frustrated with the play of his hockey team and the pressure of all that goes with carrying the team with Russian star Malkin, all seems to be getting old quick in Pittsburgh.


It almost makes me sick that I hear hockey people complaining about the most ridiculous smallest things when it comes to not only Crosby but superstar players all over the league.

It seems, we like to eat our own when it comes to Hockey players and dissect every single little thing about them. Crosby as I wrote last week has zero problems, he is the best player on the team, he is 2nd in the entire NHL in points scoring race. Crosby’s only issue is after Malkin, their is not a hell of alot to play with in the top 6 in Pittsburgh. The team is getting no secondary scoring and the lineup is just not that good.

The coaching staff continues to look for answers and the media looks for excuses. Mike Milbury who was at one time a good tough aggressive coach in the NHL that made the mistake of moving into management. Milbury screwed up the Islanders with daft moves and high risk signings which resulted in Milbury now being a main stay in the media and not a GM now or in the future.

For Milbury to suggest on HNIC that Crosby’s living with the owner Mario Lemieux, who he has lived with since a rookie in The NHL is a problem is just stupid. Milbury also said that” Crosby’s Dad needs to find a job because he is at practice all the time”. Milbury saying this shows me once again how” hockey insecure” some people are in our game.


Look if Crosby’s Dad is helping, telling, or other wise anything that is resulting in Crosby’s scoring race stats. If it is at  the moment or last year or the year before for that matter, I say keep doing whatever it is that has got Crosby to his All Star form. Why the hell should Milbury or anyone else care about Crosby’s living arrangements, or the fact that his old man is if helping him hockey wise. As long as he continues ripping the league up as he has for years now. I say PISS OFF to Milbury and whoever else is worrying about what Crosby is doing on or off the ice. First off you simply do not argue with the success he is having and has had on the ice. Second I don’t care what he does off the ice, he has never been in any trouble ever, he is a good kid by all indications off the ice and frankly his personal life is… just that PERSONAL. I was shocked that Milbury would try to use Crosby as the excuse for the teams sudden drop in the standings when he has done nothing but put up numbers. Look at the roster and his current linemates long before you look at him or Malkin as the problems in Pittsburgh. It didn’t matter where he was living last year or his Dad being around last year when Crosby was carrying the team to the Stanley Cup finals did it ? NO ! GIVE IT UP ! I say if it’s working leave it alone !


Jared Boll 13, Riley Cote 12, Mike Brown 11, Daniel Carcillio 11, Erik Goodard 11, George Parros 11, Brandon Prust 11 ( Who is injured), Zack Stortini 11.

Two of the teams are in the West and one in the East, they are the Team Fighting Majors leaders:

All three teams just happen to be in a playoff spot!

1st: Canucks with 45 Fighting Majors with a record of: 21-15-4 good for 1 point out of 4th in the West. This without their number one goalie, for most of the season.

2nd: Flyers with 43 Fighting Majors with a record of 21-10-7 sit 3rd in the East and have always been the type of organization that believes in this type of team play for their players and fans.

3rd: Ducks with 42 Fighting Majors hold a record of 19-15-5 good for 6th in the League’s Western conference.

For Hockey God I’m Dave Frost